Thomas on Omah Beach, France

France- summer 2003
Thomas, mamma, daddy, Frederique, oma & opa!

July 2003
We left for two weeks holiday on 11 July and drove the first day to a nice
farmhouse halfway to our first destination. This was very nice, for we got to
see all kinds of animals, walked in the fields and had a great home-cooked
meal from the farmers wife!

Then we headed to our first camping (campground) where we stayed for
the first week called Pin Parasol, just outside of the small town called,
Coex. It was really in the middle of nowhere and very relaxing, with a great
pool, which Thomas just loved, as did we! We were 15 minutes from
St. Gilles and thus from the beaches and the weather was very hot to warm!

The last week we were really on the coast, but further north in Brittany, just
outside of St. Nazaire in a small town called St. Marc sur mer. Here we had a
better caravan and spent almost every day on the beach, except for the last,
for that was the only day in two weeks that it really rained!

The mussels were delicious, the Atlantic ocean so cool and relaxing
and best of all was being with Thomas for two weeks straight.

I swear that he grew right before our eyes. Some of the highlights include:
Walking (really getting up and walking) on his own and a lot! Flirting with
girls that pass by, understanding the word "Bye-bye" and waving, as he
walked after those cute little 6 year olds! He LOVED the beach and sand
but was at first afraid of the ocean. However on the second to last day he
followed me in and loved it! And last but not least, he peed many times
in his port-a-potty and even did a #2 once in there as well!

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