Hanks Klok - Hurricane
and the interesting story of Harry Blackstone Jr. and the floating light bulb illusion...
16 january 2011

Hans Klok (source - wikipedia )

Hanks Klok - the fastest magician ever!

Last evening, we went with some friends to the new Luxor theater in Rotterdam, you know, down there by Hotel New York. We had tickets to see Hans Klok, the world-famous Dutch illusionist and magician. His show in 2010 and 2011 is called Hurricane and it is really worth the 50 euros to go see in person. It is more than a series of magic tricks, but an adventure, a mystery. Raphael is great in his acts between Hans as are the fabulous dancers and various assistants and other support acts. It is a really complete show from cultural aspects, amazing dancing displays, to comedy and breath-taking illusions to Tesla style old-school tricks, like the floating light bulb illusion.

Hanks Klok was appointed custodian over the "floating light bulb illusion" after the death of Harry Blackstone Jr. in 1997. In the audience this very evening, as Mr. Klok introduced her, was Mrs. Gay Blackstone, the widow and former assistant to Mr. Harry Blackstone Jr. He was handed down an illusion from his father, Harry Blackstone Sr. The original trick was devised when electricity was in it's infancy and the first bulb Harry sr. used was created by Thomas Edison himself!

The illuision is so mystyfing that I wanted to look more into this. The first question that came to mind, and I almost wanted to run over to Gay Blacstone and ask her, was; Did Blackstone senior ever meet Nikola Tesla? Tesla is the amazing inventor who created methods of tapping into the ether (air) around us to provide free electrictity! The illusion sees a light bulb, disconnected from an electical source, still illuminating light and of course floating around, well, even flying around at one point on stage! Now, the amazing thing about this trick, modern technology besides, is that it was founded by Blackstone in 1910 or something like that! So, what is the secret to the floating light blub illusion? Not sure, but here you can see some more details in the form of YouTube videos on Hans Klok and Harry Blackstone and the floating light bulb trick as well:

Worth to see - Hans Klok and the amazing floating light bulb illusion!

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