Hiking the Alps- Germany and Austria - Berchtesgaden & Steinernes Meer
After months of planning and preperation, we were so far! First, after the boys seeing us off, we visited what was Hitler's Tea House or re-named by the American's the "Eagles Nest" or as called now by the Germans, "Kehlsteinhaus" with the pictures from above, down below, of where he used to live- quite surreal really, yet at the same time nothing special, although cost nearly a billion Euros (in todays terms) and he only went there 14 times! Then, you see ths start of the trip- the packing of the back pack for the long awaited start... Every journey starts with one step, in this case a step onto an electric boat that cruised us across the majestic Köningssee, the cleanest lake in Germany to our start point of St. Bartholomä.

21 - 23 June 2007
Wi-Jo van de Wijngaard and David Dilling

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