Lukas Day 2 to 4!

Lukas has been doing great. He had the "yellow" sickness, that is quite common for babies, especially those born early, however with the light treatment he is already getting less yellow and they are thinking of stopping that tomorrow! He is also out of the incubator warmer and in a normal baby bed warmer, and with no more heart or oxygen monitors! Finally, they even moved him to the "crib room" which is where Thomas was right before he left. This is a room that has less care and for babies that can do it on there own! Thus, we can not say enough about Luke and his will to grow and get home! (He is still drinking well.)
Speaking of coming home, Bianca came home tonight and Ger and Anky (see pictures also below) cooked a delicious steak dinner, something Bianca has been wanting for many months now! Thomas has just been wonderful.
Thank you Anky and Ger for all of the assistance! (They have been helping around the house, often taking care of Thomas and cooking- very nice of them.)

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