Lukas Day 5 and 6- Roses blooming in winter!
That is right, in our front garden, as you will see in the pictures, we have the rose bush budding and blooming roses- in the middle of December! This exhibits how we feel- our hearts have budded and started blooming, till the day we can bring little Lukas home, when we will bloom unceasingly!
The last two days has seen Lukas progressing well, even to the extent of very well today! Yesterday he slept a lot and that had us a bit worried, but he was just getting used to his new room and the surroundings, for today he is so cute, eating more then he needs and he put on 50 grams in the last 24-hours! Thomas just loves to visit his little brother and gave him a bottle today, in between playing with Sven, another boy Thomas' age from some other parents with twins in the same room.

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