Thomas turns 1 year old!
6 July 2003

We start the day before Thomas' first birthday, where Frederique comes by for she can not make it on Sunday and we see the "neighborhood party" that we have every year. What was very nice at the party, was that Thomas was not scared at all (He had been a bit afraid of strangers there for a couple months) and had a real blast of a time. It was just very hard to get him to sleep thereafter!

Then we see Thomas bright and early on Sunday morning, right around 8:00am, the time he was born a year ago! What a gift God and Jesus have granted us- And what gifts we got from everybody! You can see Thomas with his first round of present opening with the gifts from out America... he loved each and everyone of them! But realy, the best gift of all woluld have been to have everyone here for this moment, this day, for Thomas was just wonderful and we all had such a nice time. Enjoy the photos...

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